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News 70TH Anniversary of CSA as an official distributor of Cummins Inc
Cummins South Africa (CSA) has received a Long Service Award in recognition of its 70th anniversary as an official Cummins Distributor. Thierry Pimi, MD of CSA, received the award from Rachid Ouenniche.
13 Feb 2017
STOCK MARKET Mid-Year Emerging Markets Update: ‘Recovery Phase’
As the US Federal Reserve (Fed) started tapering its quantitative easing program, fears seem to have surfaced that liquidity would dry up, and concerns about potentially slower growth in China this year.
02 Jul 2014 - M. M.
SA to lobby Obama on Agoa US support for tariff-free imports grows
President Jacob Zuma and his the Cabinet will use US President Barack Obama's visit to SA lobby for the extension of the African Growth and Opportunity Act says the Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies.
27 Jun 2013 - S.


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