Strike action

New deal ends costly labour dispute

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After a total of 19 days of strike action and over four months of negotiations, parties finally managed to settle the dispute with a three-year deal, which will be implemented on March 1, 2013, subject to the Minister of Labour promulgating and extending same to non-parties, said a release from Magretia Brown-Engelbrecht, executive officer of the Road Freight Employers Association (RFEA).

The strike is therefore called off and employees are expected to return to duty with immediate effect.

“The three-year deal does however come at a premium,” Brown-Engelbrecht said. “But we believe that under the circumstances and in the long-term it is the best possible agreement.”

An Across-The-Board (ATB) wage increase has been agreed to – at 10% for 2013; 8% + 0.25% six months later in 2014; and 9% in 2015. The total package cost calculates to an average of 8.7% per annum.

“The RFEA hopes that the successful conclusion of these negotiations contributes to the strengthening of the Rand and the recovery of the SA economy,” said Brown-Engelbrecht. 

“We extend our sincerest sympathies to the victims and their families who have suffered from the effects of intimidation and violence during the strike. We are hopeful that the trucking companies that have suffered severe losses are able to resume their business operations and continue serving the SA public.”



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