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Southern African Trade

Mozambique growing aluminium production from within

Mozambique doing it for themselves

Midal Cabos, subsidiary of the Bahrain-based Midal Cables, has signed a deal with Mozal, the second-largest producer of aluminium in Africa, to process part of its production within Mozambique, reports Dubai-based Construction Week

Minister for industry and trade, Armando Inroga, told the daily newspaper, Notícias, that in the mid term the agreement would reduce construction costs by replacing imported products with locally manufactured products.

Under the terms of the contract, Mozal will provide Midal with 50 000 tonnes of aluminium ingots to produce electrical cables with potential to support the automotive and construction industries.

“We have been importing aluminium materials for sectors such as construction, electrical materials for electrification projects and even for the automotive sector,” the minister said.

The material will be processed by Midal Cabos from its operation at Beluluane Industrial Park in Mozambique’s Maputo province, which is also the location of Mozal’s foundry.

Midal Cables is a 1977 partnership between Intersteel-Bahrain and Olex Cables-Australia.

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