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Moshe Zulberg, Group Business Development Director at CompuClearing focuses his attention on productivity and bringing this culture to South Africa.

Every organization, large or small, has as a main objective to increase efficiency while keeping costs to a minimum but are not often able to realize this goal without incurring further expenses. The logistics industry in particular has various repetitive and manual tasks, loads of paperwork and a need for skilled individuals each within a unique field.

Productivity becomes essential to manage all business process, and has therefore become a common theme with all solutions being developed with this in mind.

An innovative idea has been adopted that looks at both the actual product being offered as well as the theory that can be applied to ensure it’s effectiveness.

When focusing on the product, three levels arise to access productivity, being eliminate, automate and then accelerate.


The elimination of repetitive processes is the ultimate starting point to reduce costs. Data integration means that there is no need to capture data more than once, the data remains throughout the system and is available for all departments and between all modules. Repetitive conversations such as auto rating an invoice, for example, should not result in you preparing the invoice, as this would be done when quoting your customer. The notion of eliminating also ensures that there is data integrity and accuracy so that data is not corrupted.


Streamlining your work is crucial both internally and when working with your partners. Business Partners share information with you and you in turn share information with your customers. If all data is available electronically, it should be distributed electronically and therefore assists in structuring your internal and external processes by alleviating constraints and pushing productivity for you and your partners.


Lastly, when looking at the product, it should accelerate your tasks – not only do we strive to assist with preventing you from doing the same thing more than once, we want to push the process to another level where we automate as much as we can within the organization and accelerate it by increasing leverage as well as efficiency.

The above all result in an automation of workflow and a culture of productivity, but this cannot simply be applied without the theory that will take this process one step further. This theory of productivity can be applied to not only promote our staff to assist you but also your staff to effectively work with your customers.

And for that reason, CompuClearing and WiseTech Global have partnered with a New Zealand based company called Viago.

Viago run a revolutionary course - Black Belt in Thinking (BBIT) - based on the Theory of Constraint. This boot camp teaches you how to deal with day-to-day work and ensures that you are able to focus on what needs to be done to allow you to achieve the effect that you want for your business. You are therefore able to come out of this training with tools to reduce uncertainty, ensure that you are able to resolve conflicts and provide clear delegation.

After the success of the implementation of BBIT within CompuClearing, we are excited to bring the 8 day BBIT Boot Camp to South Africa in the next few months, to allow the industry to accelerate productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In addition to BBIT, we are also bringing the Workflow Productivity Workshop (WPW) to South Africa. This is a short two day workshop which focuses on allowing you to create a productivity culture within your organization.

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Moshe Zulberg
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