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Port of Luanda

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Port of Luanda, Angola's new trade gem
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The arrival of the first big-capacity vessel at the Port of Luanda earlier this month is proof of the massive advancements being made at the port.

“The biggest container vessel ever to berth at the port – with its capacity to transport 4 500 TEUs – is a clear indication and demonstration that we are on the right track in Angola,” said Brian Bitsch, chief commercial officer for Sogester, manager of the Luanda Container Terminal.

Speaking at the African Ports Evolution Forum last week (20 to 22 November), he said the upgrades and extensions at the Port of Luanda had increased capacity and, along with that, efficiencies.

“The second big-capacity ship has since also arrived. The investments being made into the port are paying off,” said Bitsch. In 2007, Sogester was granted a 20-year concession to manage and run the Luanda Container Terminal.

Since then, it has invested large sums of money in the port itself while establishing a second line container depot in Panguila some 32 kilometres from the port to increase efficiency and to address congestion.

“When one looks at the port and its equipment, it is nowhere near what South Africa boasts. We have a quay length of only 545 metres, a draught of only 9.5m and only 14 hectares of land in the terminal we operate on. Our equipment comprises six mobile cranes, 22 reach stackers, eight empty container handlers and some 20 tractors. All this has been brought in the past five years, making the arrival of this big container vessel so much more impressive,” said Bitsch.

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