Labour dispute

Strike talks at a dead-end


After yet another two days of discussions, the strike talks between the Road Freight Employers Association (RFEA) and the unions have again failed to deliver a settlement yesterday (Thursday) afternoon.

“The unions keep shifting the goal post,” said RFEA executive officer, Magretia Brown-Engelbrecht. “The RFEA has attempted a number of scenarios in an attempt to meet their negotiation team’s 18% over a two-year period as communicated to us on Sunday, even by attempting a three-year deal.”
Yesterday, the unions once again did not accept the Department of Labour (DoL) and CCMA co-facilitated deal, which met their demand of 18% in the first two years, plus an additional third year included the cycle, resulting in a three-year agreement.

“Whilst the RFEA is aware that the strike is affecting members, industry and the country from both a violence and economic perspective, the RFEA cannot responsibly consider these types of demands and bad faith bargaining any longer,” said Brown-Engelbrecht. “This is the third time that the unions have rejected an offer that they had indicated beforehand would be acceptable.”

No further meetings with the unions have been scheduled at this stage. The RFEA however is meeting today to strategise on the way forward and advise members accordingly.


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