Wine industry booms in Nigeria

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Thanks to the success of the South African wine industry`s first business-to-business showcase earlier this month in Nigeria, where the wine market is valued at around US$300m (R2619 million) a year, the organisers are planning another event scheduled for July next year.

While South African wines currently account for about a fifth of all wine sold in Nigeria thanks to the efforts of individual wineries, this was the first time a cross-section of producers collaborated in bringing their offerings to the country, identified as one of the world`s fastest-growing emerging markets.

The 'grand tasting' follows similar exhibitions held in Angola and will provide the model for a comparable showcase in Uganda later this year, according to Wines of South Africa who jointly organised the event.Ten South African producers participated in the Lagos show, arranged as a networking opportunity to access leading Nigerian importers and members of the hospitality trade. 

They included big players such as DGB, Origin Wines, Rooiberg Wines, as well as international exporter Baarsma Wine Group, the family-owned Bellevue, and a selection of black-empowerment labels like Ses`Fikile Wines, Re`Mogo Wines, Thokozani Wines and Bayede! Wines.

After Kenya, Nigeria is South Africa`s biggest African destination for its wines. Volumes sold to Nigeria grew by 15% in 2011. 


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