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Captain's best friend

Navigation at a new level

Ship on the open sea

Modern-day captains have far more advanced duties than the shipmasters of yesteryear, as technology revolutionises the amount of information readily available-it is little wonder they need a helping hand.

Wallem Ship Management Limited in Hong Kong has ordered DNV Navigator for its managed fleet of more than 190 ships, which is a dedicated decisions support tool to assist the shipmaster in handling the administrative and regulatory complexity of port operations. The new contract is the largest ever signed for this particular equipment.

Navigator facilitates compliance with requirements from charterers and port authorities and is often referred to as the “captain’s best friend”. More than 1 200 port clearance forms are automatically filled in with ship data so that the required paperwork can be prepared in a few minutes.

The system includes a database of information about all world ports and terminals, including publications and data from the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, IHS Fairplay and other sources. 

Arrival and departure procedures for all major ports are available as well as a comprehensive nautical library providing up-to-date maritime-specific information. It is arranged to easily create master’s notes, which are used to share port-specific knowledge in-fleet, and information can be shared with other systems such as gangway control systems and the electronic chart display and information system.

“Wallem is continuously striving to manage its fleet in safer and more cost-effective ways”, says captain Deepak Honawar, Wallem’s director of safety and quality in an official DNV press release. The company tested the system thoroughly before taking this strategic step. 

“We were impressed by how quickly DNV responded to our demands and added new elements in the system. We have great expectations for the use of DNV Navigator and believe the product will play a key r ole in our portfolio of on-board applications,” he adds.

Wallem will make use of the work and rest hours module as part of its implementation. This module demonstrates compliance with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 and the Standard of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers. Any violation of regulations is clearly identified and the system allows user-defined reports to be generated. 

Crew time sheets can be generated in Microsoft Excel and the power of the system can be increased by adding company-specific forms and sharing data with other company-specific or third-party systems.

The product was introduced in 2002 and is already in use on more than 2 000 ships worldwide. 

“Industry feedback indicates that the on-board paperwork burden is reduced by as much as 90%,” says Odd Arne Haueng, head of DNV Maritime Partner. “This enables ships’ officers to focus on what should be their primary responsibility: operating the ship in a sound and safe way both at sea and in port.”
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