Abandoned vessel in Table Bay

Navy completes preparations to remove Seli 1

Navy completes preparations to remove Seli 1
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The navy says it has completed the job of preparing for the removal of the wreck of the Turkish vessel, Seli 1, on Cape Town’s Table View coastline. The joint task team monitoring the operation said that while the wreck was still visible, its structure had been significantly reduced.
The Seli 1 was abandoned by its owners in 2009, after going aground off Table View.
The navy’s operational diving team says that in conjunction with the department of transport, it will conduct further assessments of the wreck to assist the task team in determining if the objectives of the operation have been met and whether any further work is required.
The team reported that minimal quantities of oil that were released from the wreck have been contained. In addition, it reported that marine life was largely unaffected by the operation. Clean-up contingency measures will remain in place.
“Given that the wreck has been substantially weakened, it constitutes a danger and is therefore unsafe to the public. The public is required to remain clear of the wreck at all times,” the task term said.
The public will be kept updated of further developments.
The task team has thanked the residents of Table View and the general public for their co-operation during the operation.
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